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Atv trailers


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I don't think I have a photo so will try to describe.


I spun plain wire on the spinning jenny thing you normally spike in the ground, using the top half and a homemade 3 pointed frame with a spindle for the base sat at the back of the trailer. I think the spindle was longer than needed so we could pin it down with a ratchet strap.


 As we used an indespension plant trailer with a wire mesh tailgate ramp, I slotted a piece of blue water pipe in the  ramp mesh to feed wire through to save galv coating.


I reckon you can do this with most wire products.


1. A foot base with a spindle (scaffold pole  at least for net)


2. A tube that will rotate around spindle. For barb or netting.


3. Either secure the foot to the trailer or strap/chain it down from the top. You may need to make a pin to slot in the top with a loop on for it to go through


Never used a quad, but I do similar with a tractor drawbar.

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Hi Goaty

Thanks for the reply .I have one mounted on a tandem axle quad trailer It slots into the rear box section so is easily removed for carting posts or whatever. It is a plate welded to an old Atv trailer hub and strong enough for deer net I also have one on the opposite side for spools of barb and plain wire As I work on my own mainly it saves loads of time and should make me last longer Any other ideas anybody


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