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G' Day all! looking for work in Northeast UK


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I have been in Australia for nearly 2 years now and sadly my time is coming to an end early August when I head back to the UK (Co Durham).


I have been fencing on rural stock properties upto 50,000 acres working with fencing contractors and I wish to continue when I arrive back to the UK.


In short Im 24 and come from an engineering and manufacturing background.


I can service and repair anything that has a 2 or 4 stroke engine , I can drive tractors, bulldozers, loaders, use trailors, chainsaws etc.


I have worked closely with livestock and all apects of farm maintenance, fencing,laying poly pipe, troughs, tanks, pumps, pest control, mustering, branding, vehicle maintence and repair and much more.


I have my own van and im willing to travel.


Im an extremely hard worker and a quick learner.


Even if you have a days work, casual work, temporary or permanent give me an email at dan.wintrip@gmail.com and I can give more info.


I look forward to hearing from you, I wont let you down, my CV is attatched thank you.



Daniel Wintrip CV.doc

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