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Post and rail, follow ground or level?


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I mainly do stock fencing but been asked to widen an entrance for a customer and she wants post and rail.


The entrance is between two walls and is working out as 3.6m (1 rail) either side of the gates. The dilemma I have is the ground is sloping slightly on one side of the gate, probably 7inch over 3,6m but is flat on the other side. (See pic)




Do I follow the ground with the rails or keep them level? What is best practice? Asked the custome what she would prefer and said she would just go with what I though!


Also what height do you put the posts? Was thinking 4ft?


Dug the gate posts in today, ground has been built up many years ago and was around 18inch of broken brick and concrete then solid clay.


Have dug a couple of the other posts in as didn't fancy knocking them as think the bricks will twist the posts all sorts of ways.


Thanks in advance



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Level on a short section like that, maybe follow ground on longer section and then run level into gate, everyone is so different though, so I don't think there is a right or wrong way, the customer has to look at it everyday, so it's down to them at the end of the day

. If it was me I would maybe try and reduce the ground level a bit if you have anything to hand that will do it, maybe be able to scrape ground back a bit and it will not look so bad against the ground.

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Agree with comments so far. If you were fencing a paddock to keep stock in even just intended for horses you would be more governed by ground contours. Because eventually they would at some point probably put sheep in to crop the surplus grass or change the stock.

Whereas this job will look good made to match. I wouldn't worry about a gaping gap at the bottom at one side as they will probably plant shrubs and plants which will hide the lower part anyway.


I used to try and minimise wonky up and down rails and keep the bottom parallel to the ground as much as possible. Now I know after a while the vegetation hides the bottom but everyone sees the top line.

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