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back to shovholers and post driver.


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Just in the middle of a job where for the first time in ages I'm doing the whole job manually,


Digging out the strainer turners with the shovholers, and chapping the posts with the slave,


Clay, Sandy type of ground so certainly an easier yoke than other sites,


I pinched every hole and filled them with water, now whether the ground was supposed soft enough anyway or the water made a big difference I don't know, but only 4-5 hits with the slave were required to get post to correct height,


Think I'm going to do more manually again in future the contractor has raised his rates, probably look at getting him in to do strainers and turners and ill do posts.


So when.s the last time you did the whole job by hand.

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Well I'm not saying it's dear, it's just that it's a big chunk of the money that I would rather keep, no problem with Stevie always been very obliging, and helpful, but

Where I can i intend to do more by hand,


Just a matter of interest have you seen any of my work, in person and if so what do you think, keep the criticism constructive please!

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I really surprised myself on the job, arrived at the boys place at 8 am, then loaded on posts,rails and wire around 20 mins, then another 20 mins to travel to site.

Then had to hook off trailer,clear out motor and load posts into motor to lay out.

Can only get around 30 at a time,

Then pinched every post hole, every 2 metres. poured water in every hole, set each post in hole then chapped.

Two stays to dig in , then all wire to roll.out, rylock, two lines plain, two barbed.

That section was around d 180 metres,


Got all that done, everything loaded back in motor a d trailer hooked on by 4pm, even had time to take lunch for half hour,


Was impressed with that wish all jobs ran as smoothly, only got wire tacked on so still most of stapling to do .

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