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Deer clamps


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Hi all,

I know this has been touched on before but I will bring it up again.


I have a deer clamp that has been retired after our most recent job, it is now more bent then I needs to be to work well. So with this in mind I am looking for a new deer clamp. I wondered what everyone is using and the pros and cons. We generally don't pull to the middle of runs on deer fencing, I would pull to the strainer and tie off so I probably only need one clamp for now. I want something strong that won't suffer the same fate as the last one. I think I know which way I am going to buy, but happy to have my mind changed.


I know we are on a tornado site so I am sure there will be favourable comments to there stuff, but would like opinions on all options available.


Oh and I will maybe soon have a second hand deer clamp for sale on the classifieds, one careful owner good value.????

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Mine are not tornado but made by a local engineer to the same spec give them a lot of use ok abuse  including using the boom on a  telehandler to pull up  considerable length of deer fencing and  still in good condition.

Having said that he did make them a tad short we can only get a 1.9 net in them this may contribute to the fact that they are still  straight.

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We have the tornado deer clamps, great clamps andy very strong but heavy for it and a bit slow to use with the nuts.


We use ONLY the kiwi Hayes 1.2m wedge clamps for everthing else, which for us have been the best I've used. Wedges are quick to use and never damaged the wire like I know some of the cheaper copies can and never bent or cracked the welds (as yet) and we've been using our pair for 7 years now with a pair of the Hayes boundary strainers.


Being from NZ and used by them, I believe the kiwis are the pioneers in Ag fencing and found their tools & equipment to be the best.


Of course they are more expensive but you get what you pay for. Each to their own.

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