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Alpine tractor


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A guy I do a lot off fencing for has one he does a lot off tree plantation it works well for him can tow it with the land rover .hes got a plough topper and sprayer plus a wee log logic traler.it always amazing me were he gets with it .low and wide just what u want for a wee post driver tractor

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The  configuration and compact size of an alpine does create metal fatigue and stress more than a conventional tractor. Also the height clearance at full lift height on the 3 point linkage isnt very high.  For example the BCS tractors (ferrari) Ive used will not lift their arms high enough to reach a plough in parked position, never mind clear the ground.


 They are coupled close to the cab as well. A few of us have put the toplink end of the implement through the cab glass smashing it.


You would need to test or measure  and work out very well if it would be compatible before spending money.


I also had the rear lower link pin at the tractor end shear once which caused the link arm to smash through the axle trumpet.  This was on an 80hp tractor using 8ft disc harrows. The stabilisers and other parts on the linkage regularly fail using just lighter 1.2 metre wide tackle.

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