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Nail gun


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Hi Henry Ive got the Bostich from Ramfast and its a beast! mine will take up to 6" nails but commonly use 4" ringshanks and they are proper nails with very reliable firing and excellent nail feed. I have had cheaper ones in the past that don't feed well and they are a pain in ****!

Its quite heavy but not un manageable and runs fine off the stockade compressor, think I paid around £600 for it but well worth the money as you cant replace your wrists or elbows!

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Hi Henry, I bought an S-130 nail gun from spotnails about 7 years ago, fires 4 & 5" full round head nails. We needed one that fired 5" for the cundy 1/2 round post and rail and I struggled for a year to find one. It's an awesome bit of kit and copes with 4" no problem, 5" sometimes needs a final tap with the hammer if gone in on hard bit or near/in knots.


Bostitch will be my next buy, better finish and nicer to use. Was given similar price of just over £500 couple of years ago. MI didn't like the coil pack version ramfast were selling at the time, a lot of weight with 120 nails and the gun! We have a strip mag version same takes 2x 25 slips per time and much less cumbersome to use. Just my opinion.


Also watch the nails supplied, at the start we struggled to get anything other than brights as this was all the pallet makers that's only used these guns then would buy. But slowly with min order qtys they would make us 100 and 130mm 3.8mm dia nails in hot dip galv. The elec galv are not good enough for fencing use, again just my opinion.


Try your local bostich rep direct for the gun and fast fix tools for the nails (would also do the gun) 023 8033 6723 speak to Terry, they ship anywhere, always been good to me. Cheers Peter

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