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New work in.


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How are you all for work I was caught up and indeed last week was slack had two days at home amongst firewood, thankfully an old customer today booked 1100 metres, of sheep fence, got to go and finish pricing a job tomorrow it's well out of my area, and I am really not too bothered if I don't get it so I will.press heavily with the pencil,

And looked at a job yesterday where the customer has one of the best .set of assets, if you know what I mean, that I've ever seen funilly enough that quote is quite competitive.


How much work you all got backed up.

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We are quite lucky as only a couple of us so it doesn't take a lot to keep us busy. I would say we have a good 6-8 weeks ahead of us and a lot more priced up, it's just tiring it all in as it seems everyone always wants you at the same time, had to turn some down for this reason, which I don't like doing

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