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Price checker Oct 2015


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Hi folks just thought it would be a good idea to have a thread specifically for posting the current prices of timber, and other sundries,

Obviously no supplier names need to be given on the open forum.


Ill kick off.

Strainers £12 each

Turners £9.59 each

Posts 5"6' 2-3 inch rounds £ 1.99 each

5'6" 3inch square £2.05 each

Rails. 38x100x3.6 mtr. £3.79 each.


All ex vat , and plus delivery.

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6-7" x 2.3m strainers (25yr Guarantee) £10.41 each

Chestnut Strainers 6-10' x 8' £6

6-7"x 8' 15yr redwood strainers £14

5-6"x 8' as above £9.80

5'6 mixed cleft softwood 25yr posts £1.99

6' mixed cleft softwood 25yr posts £2.22

5'6 x 3-4" 15yr redwood £2.38

6' as above £2.62

6' chestnut good round posts, winter cut £2

6' mixed cleft chestnuts winter cut £1.40

8' 3-4" struts 15yr redwood £3.40

Chestnut struts as above £2.50

4-5" x 6" rounds 15yr redwood £4.30 (4" machined about the same)

100mm machined 3.6 half round rails £3.40

3" x 1.5" x 3.6 sawn £3

Doing a good job........priceless!

All ex vat delivery usually free

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