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Electric fence commercial


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Hi all I know it is not really an agricultural thing. But we have had an enquiry through regarding some electric fencing on a commercial site. It is the kind of thing that is on the back of an existing fence and lots of wires. Sure you have seen pictures of the sort of thing. Apparently it has six zones in it and all the controls etc. They are expanding the propert and need to extend the fence. It is something I know little about! Does any one on here know anything about it, is it worth getting involved with or would anyone on here be willing to take the enquiry on. I do have some pics as well, but I will struggle to get them on here.

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Middleton Forge in Co. Durham contact James on 01833 640595.


They manufacture the galv posts to fit on the inside of the posts on the existing fence with ready drilled holes to take the electric fence components.

They have worked for the Utility company's such as Gas and Electric pumping and sub stations.


I believe there is an Electric Fence installation body that you have to be a member of to carry out Electric Security Fence Installation.

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