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Post Driver Repairs

Ben Fencin

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So far in four years of bryce profi supreme  ownership. Only sheared bolts at the bottom of the mast and when I have left one in the transport position hole sheared them on odd occasion.


  Got a new rope, not changed it yet, but its time we did.


Also, recently  the bracket cracked that holds the post twister ram on the cap at the weld. I suspect its due to not tightening up the securing bolt properly. My bad.

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Vector postdriver post plate broke in half after a year . But to be fare if done a lot of work and most of it envolved the rock spike.


Vector postdriver cracked pipe on the rock spike extraction ram after six months.


So far with the bryce only the post cap shacel but I've changed it with a rope

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Vector Model 3 with Rock Spike

Hammer max height ram started leaking a few months after new, replaced under warranty but took about 3 months.

Rock spike extractor ram started leaking at elbow of welded steel line about a year and a half of use

Bent rock spike and shaft slightly, shaft still useable, got new rock spike built.

Replaced spike on post cap multiple times

Had new post cap made, cracks were just too bad


Bryce Suma Vulcan 400 HL

Busted the rock spike extractor top ram bracket first day.  Collar was binding up on shaft, probably from getting used to having to adjust the tilt to align it when you put force on it.  New shaft scraped grease off.  Repaired and haven't had a problem since.

Hammer supply hose started leaking at compression fitting, outsourced part.  Replaced with locally made hose, Bryce credited me the value of the part.

Post cap pad pretty beat up in the rear after a few months.

Need to replace the rock spike plastic piece, have  spare.

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Our Bryce is about 10 years old on third rope but gave up welding the original post cap and fitted a new cast one about two years back.. Works well even though it's wider than the weight had to cut the Chain of it and weld it back on in a different place to line up with the weight peg but now a far more positive hit than the old welded plate. Changed the odd pipe over the years and need to do main pin and bushes as a fair bit of slop in the mast now.. But she's part of the family and wouldn't be without her ...!

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