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Rabbit netting


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Hi all,


I have been rabbit fencing for many years now and still do it the traditional way, post and two line wires, then dig the trench (at least a 1ft deep, clip up the net, backfill and track in.

I strut properly and get the top wire (2.5 or 3.15 ht) ultra tight, have post spacings at no more than 3 metres so not excessive, but quite often when I back fill I often get a droop in the line wire between the posts where the weight of the dirt pulls the net down. I find it helps digging the trench a bit deeper but do you chaps get this or is there any way to avoid it. We are not talking a major droop by any stretch and doesn't effect the fence but it just annoys me! I have had it happen when clipping to Taurus netting too.


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We always put posts in first then dig out with mini digger after... normally about 6inch down and folded 6inch out... Know what you mean about the annoying bit of sag in the middle Mike ...now and then we just fold out on top and peg down where needed though it does seem like cheating seems to work well once the grass has grown thought and less labour. We did once try using a single furrow plough along first was a pain getting the posts in as they wanted to take the least resistance and most ended up in the furrow rather to the side of it.

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