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Knocking gate posts, half in now won't budge!


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As the title says. Been on a job today installing horse netting and two gates. Plan was to get the gates up this afternoon and start the rest of the fence tomorrow. It is splitting a field so all virgin ground, ground wet but not saturated so should be easyish knocking? Wrong!


Rock spiked prior to putting the 8inch 8ft round gate post in felt tight but not to bad. Started knocking the post in, went in just under 2ft then stopped. Could feel the ground vibrating but the post wasn't for going down any more. The first time that the knocker had been beaten (protech p230 with 300kg weight)!


Only option was to dig it out by hand as no digger on site. An hour later we had it out expecting to find a big stone or something underneath but nothing. It was just solid clay, proper hard to dig.


With hindsight I should have soaked the rock spiked hole for few hours before knocking but thought as the weather has been wet the ground would be reasonable soft. The clay we were digging was dry as a bone.


My questions is at what point do you stop knocking a post in if you think it's not going in and how do you get it out when it won't go any further?


What I was expecting to take half an hour ended up taking an hour an half, oh the joys!



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Not to Shure the clay would have got a lot easier with the water but all the above comments are good advice.

We can get some hard ground locally from a clay that’s just short of stone to sandstone bed rock

And a local grit rock that the rock spike won’t even  look at in situations like that if you can imagine the five dots on a dice I put  rock spike in a that pattern as close together as posable  in a attempt to allow a expansion hole it surprising how it helps to get the strainer in.

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