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Calendar 2016


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We have been umming and ahhing about doing a calendar again this year - if the consensus is that it would be well received we are more than happy to put one together :)


We'll be sending an email out (very) soon about it; if we have enough interest and enough photos by the end of next week then we'll go for it.


I think the single malt might get smashed in the post Brent (the envelopes are only A3 size)...

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I will take more arty photos this year with this in mind.

What size is the minimum for quality?


Also I assume you much prefer tornado products rather than post and rail or other brands.


May I suggest it would be interesting to have a product of the month as well, if not this year certainly next.


For example, otter net and it's specs etc

Also tools such as the stock-ade, it would add great variety and interest rather than fields & Fences.

The torus knot another one.

I've never seen a tornado calendar before so apologies if that's what it already is.

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Sounds like a plan Goaty :)


I really like the idea of setting up a monthly photo competition - just need a bit of time to get it in motion and set it up in a way that's really easy to [a] manage and for everyone to contribute to.


The best quality to use will be 300dpi resolution and the photos should be as a big as possible so they print nicely. If you use a smartphone or tablet, send the 'actual size' file. I can increase resolution if the original photo is big enough, but if it's low resolution and small it's a bit of a non-starter for printing.


Some of our favourites from last year were actually photos were the fence was more or less incidental...think animals, machinery, contractors-at-work, etc. As much as we're all fascinated by fencing, 12 months worth of posts and net photos may end up wearing a little thin!


By the way, have you joined the TPCN Goaty? If not, get yourself signed up!!

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