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Solar power

Gordon McMillan

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I would say if you are happy with your current unit then keep it, no need to change you will be better off buying a solar panel and connecting to the battery. Depending on size of energiser and amount of vegetation on the fence you shouldn't need a huge panel. Most electric fence companies would probably supply them. We use patura mainly through Birkdale, good quality but not cheap.


Total differnt usage but I have a little 15watt panel, one of the smallest you can get and I run that on top of my shed, to keep a 12v battery charged and then we use 12v lights to light the shed up as we don't have electric. Admittedly I could probably do with a larger panel to run the 5 lights, but on a good day it keeps up.


Solar power has come on a lot, I first saw it used in n.z. Back in 2002 when I was there, they used solar power to run the fence around a whole farm, and then had battery back up. It wasn't bad then, but I think it's got better. That was Gallagher equipment as it is n.z. Company and big over there.

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