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Fence clamp

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I've never used strainrite strainers, l have Hayes. How does anyone that's used both rate them against each other?

I know the Hayes are over 100yr old design, I've been to the original homestead in New Zealand where they were made. Seen the changes in the design over the years. Got photos somewhere.


The answer to the original question for me would depend on how much are you likely to do in four foot net? If it's only 200 metre job and you do a lot of 3 ft work. I'd buy 3ft and make a simple 4 ft one, drill a few holes in two bits of angle steel, bolt together. Shackle top and bottom then pull. The extra foot kicking around could be a nuisance.

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Hi David, We have Tornado 0.95m & 1.2m clamps and both Strainrite Boundary & Plain wire strainers available from stock (all quality) if you need any assistance please do get in touch.

Malcolm,whilst tornado are way ahead with the phone app and this forum, sourcing goods from you company isn't so easy on a web basis. I say this as constructive criticism. Because tornado are putting all the effort in to web assistance yet could be missing out on sales.

If we type in stock-ade for example in our browsers American and nz websites come up. (I always put the £ sign in to get a better result) Whilst I appreciate web building is probably costly and time consuming. Maybe for now could a thread on here have a stock list, even if it has recommended retail prices on it.

I realise the manufacturers aren't that good either at putting themselves and information out there.

I do enjoy the old school face to face purchasing, but most of my purchases are online as I am profoundly deaf and the telephone is useless to me. Plus the time to go to a local or not so local supplier for an item.

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I agree with goaty, was a chore getting our stockade wire cutter/staple remover tools and strain right cutters, our supplier ordered the right ones but actually got the staple removing ones (x2) which was a costly mistake and we had to reorder another two pairs, I'm not short of them now for removing old fencing though! Also want some upgrade bits for the compressor but still haven't gotten around to arranging it through supplier.


Have to add when I saw tornado trade stand at lamma couple years back I tried to buy two pairs of the stockade cutter/staple removers but was told they weren't actually for sale but additional window dressing!! Managed to get them via supplier but again more trouble than it should/needs to be.

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