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Digging spades - strainrite red spade or ace of spades


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£100 for a spde. I dont think so.

I know what you mean, but it's a limited market.


However these days I tend to buyt if if it's a performance tool that is also better for the body.


The way i look at it £100 a days pay. Buy or manage with a cheaper tool. Get repetitive strain injury. Lose several days productivity. I'd rather lose £100(actually less because it's only the cost difference you pay) than a few hundred worth of productivity.

Tools can be like buying pre preventive insurance.

A couple if years ago I took 550m of kiwi style plain wire and batten fence down. A lot of staples in hardwood. 2 days of ordinary fencing pliers use led to 3 months of tendonitus in my wrist.

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Yeah ican see your point but my long digging spade i made my self. Length of metal tube and a spade head. Less than £20 worth. What do you usenow thento pull the staples out ifyour not using normal pullers?

I went on to loosen them first with a pointed punch with a hammer. Then follow with fencing pliers.


Just bought the stock-ade fencing pliers which will get there first outing on a small repair job next week. Then in a few weeks time, we are taking out a larger section of the kiwi stuff.


Well done on the spade, my welding isn't up to it. I do engineer some devices. I knew a nurseryman that was fed up of breaking spades and made his own, he never broke it.

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It's not completely flat. It has a shallow curve in the 4 mm plate, but still allows you to cut some very square sided holes if you want.


I have been using mine this last couple of weeks and they do make short work of most things as well as being that much longer and more comfortable in use.


I reckon worth it for the money but use them sensibly, and they should last a long time.

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