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Air stapler

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Evening all. So i ha e just finished a post and rail job with stock fencing atatched 200 meters 3 nails on each post and 3 nails on the rails in each 6 ft section. A whole **** load of nails and hammering. I have just taken on another job exactly the same and have decided to buy a air stapler My prefered choice would be the Paslode im200s16 as its cordless but im mot prepared to pay £900 for one and it would be a pain having to keep on buying the gas canisters. So i have deciced to get a compressor powered one. Anyone here got any recomendations on what to go for. I have seen a couple out there but havnt actully tried one. Cheers all in advance. Hope some of you have some handy tips.

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Hi have a ram fast stapler I am very pleased with it .i do all netting in chestnut and as chestnut tends to split when weathering you may think the staples may pope out . But going back to 5 years ago the hold on the staples are 100% and you can tug on the wire and they don't budge. As the staple is driven it twists which I think gives it the great hold ability . And the staples work out cheaper to . For the nailer Stanley bostich the larger nailer up to 5" ringed nails or 100mm - 110mm . Very quick and comfortable to use .

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we have a prototype Pasload marked up as Ramfast stapler but we are struggling to get gas for it as they don't do the canisters i need over here, The staples are only 40x3.15 and look a little light so we staple with hammer and tornado's barbed staples on all the high and low bits setting the whole fence up ready then rattle the rest off with the gun


You may have heard that we had a drop of rain back on December the 5th and one of our fences went down stream a bit, nearly 500m of it, the staples held, it dragged the whole fence was ripped out with the wire snapping near the box strainer at the upstream end.

no picks as it was dark when i saw it

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