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hayes chain strainers spares


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hi  had someone working  with me  on thursday who  has somehow  managed  to lose the chain off one of my pairs of hayes strainers . :angry:  been  back and looked but cant find them.

anyone know of anywhere in the uk that do spares for hayes strainers 

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I think tornado may do them. spaldings the agri wearing parts company do them. As do mole valley. I just bought a grab end on a chain in a rural store in New Zealand for £40ish but doubt you will get one for that.


Google "Hayes fence tensioner chain £ "

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I've just got my spaldings catalogue out and they only do their true craft copy chain on its own. I do have a truecraft one and it does the job. It's the first one I bought.


A year or so ago when I looked them up online they were easy to source, I reckon tornado are probably worth contacting to ask about one. The other options I can think off are


Use two of the lever tools if you have them on the opposite ends of a new chain or the boundary puller 6m chain if you have it. Chain would be easy to source


Or fit a grab/Clevis hook on a chain and use it like can a trewella monkey strainer by hooking around the strainer post then tension up.


If you do these for now and source identical chain you will only need the grab.


My theory is if you get by for now, the real thing will surface, if you don't the tool will look at you for years and annoy you.

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Hayes, were stocked by MacArthur who as we know have gone tits up.

The strainright chain does work.but, here's something else to consider if you need chain Rob,

A roller door chain identical, if you can source somewhere that has an old news sitting certainly worth a try.

Nice tip!

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