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What size chainsaw are people using.


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I've a little echo, nice light thing for cutting notches and stays,dressing strainers,

They have a two year warranty for pro use, and 5 year for domestic,


They take a wee while to run in, I've had mine a year,


I also have a stihl 171, that's has been put into semi retirement,


For pointing strainers I've a husky 455rancher, now, I wish I had bought a stihl, though to be fair, once I replaced the original husqvarna bar with an Oregon it's been a lot better, my local husky dealer refused to sell me a genuine husky barr because he said they were $h!t


Worth considering a Makita, they are made dolmar Sachs , who are in the same stable as husqvarna.

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Have a few but preferred saw is a husqvarna 346xp with 13. Inch bar. It's ported which makes it phenomenal on power and speed for size.



A legend saw that's no longer made.


Got the same 346xp, brilliant saw for me for 8years never missed a beat until this year got some carb trouble, tried to get fixed but been to 2 repairers and no good. Reckon 8 yrs is good service so just got a replacement 550xp, auto tune computer carb, same size & power as 346, amazing so far...

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I use a stihl ms 261 for all sorts but is handy for fencing.A top handle saw is handy i have a 201t stihl and its great!!

It's the pathetic thing of being illegal or at least seriously frowned upon to use one on the ground, that's the issue with top handle saws when it comes to insurance, site rules, H&S.

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I agree. How can it be safe up a tree if it's not on the ground?

Probably misinterpreted data.


Few accidents up trees by trained professionals.


Lots on the ground by complacent DIYers and have a go untrained firewood merchants. I've seen one in action.

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I have been using my top handled saw today with no problems.They are good for siding up hedges and are lovely and light but still with plenty of power!!


the problem with a top handle saw is handle placings in relation to the length of the saw, ie a kick back with a top handle is coming right back at you


Im told Its illegal for a dealer to sell a top handle saw without you have the relevant certification for its use 

You are not insured with a top handle saw putting your business and your client @ risk. In the event of an accident HSE will want your risk assessment & method statement, which will implicate you in a whole world of poo. It could jeopardise your family & home.

This is of course the worst case scenario & i'm guessing you've not had a decent accident where as, I have!


Im sorry if my reply is a little blunt,i can be that way sometimes but we come on here to promote good practice & techniques and then we start talking about this, its a bit like a game keeper talking about shooting badger or hawks on a public forum. We need to be professional and promote the very best practice and if in time we get a fencing association thats will need to be our core strength


Rob steps down from his soap box lol




as posted further up the page


47cc husqvarna with a 10" carving bar (called a Dime bar) with a 1/4 drive chain, smooth and minimal risk of kickback.

Iv just purchased a echo saw with a view to putting a carving bar in that for the struts etc

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Rob, did you buy the echo through the business, if you bought it as" domestic use" I.e not through business, you will get 5 year guarantee,

It's 2 year for professional.


A quick tip for the echos, when new and starting for the first few months I was told to.let them run for a minute on half choke.

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I know it is a a grey area on top handled saw use.But my local dealer said to me when he sold it to me i dont mind selling you a saw as you a properly trained operator and know what you are doing so i have no problem in selling you one.I have been using top handled saws for over ten years without a problem.The first one i had was an echo and like the previous comments they do need to be warmed up first.They are not a bad saw and would be fine for fencing or a farmer but ot for forestry work!!! I stick to stihl now and i have had three of their top handled saws which we use more than any of the other saws.My mate is a tree climber and when i worked with him we used the 201ts on the ground all the time he said its usual practice so i cant see the problem.But in the eyes of the safety police they may say otherwise.

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The whole use of chainsaw as a whole is very lax,

There is technically nothing stopping an 10yr old buying a chainsaw,

The law requires absolutely no certification to purchase one, despite the fact they are so dangerous if handled incorrectly,


I went through my chainsaw course and the things I could've failed on would render many users as incompetent.


E.g., taking one step with the running saw whilst chain brake not engaged, automatic fail.


Starting saw within 6ft of fuel can, again automatic fail.


I'm sorry to seem pompous, but I think there should be restrictions on selling saws to anyone, the producing of a chainsaw certificate should be mandatory

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