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Nick's Photobucket demo

Guest Nick

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Guest Nick

In addition to uploading photos using our built-in Gallery facility, it is also possible to upload images directly into posts on the forum. To do this, you need to have some way of storing images online (because the images must have a URL in order to be posted on here), but the good news there is a simple and free way to do this.


We have put together the following step-by-step guide to help anyone wishing to do so, using nothing but your smartphone.


The tool we use is called Photobucket; to create an account simply visit www.photobucket.com and create an account by following the simple instructions. Free accounts have a limited amount of storage space, but you can significantly increase your storage allowance by downloading the mobile phone app. Once you have downloaded the app, you're ready to go. Just follow these steps...


1. Once you have decided what you'd like to photograph, open the app.




2. With the app open, click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner




3. Click on the + sign in the bottom left-hand corner, and decide whether you'd like to upload an existing photo from your phone's camera library or take a new image. Once you have taken or selected the image, click on the 'Upload to your Bucket' option.






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Guest Nick

4. The image will then be uploaded to your bucket.





5. Select the image you wish to post on the forum and click on the circled 'i' symbol in the bottom left-hand corner.





6. Click on the bottom of the 4 links (the one called IMG) - this will copy the web address link that you are going to paste into the forum.




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Guest Nick

7. Next, open the forum in your phone's web browser, click on 'Sign in' and enter your username and password.






8. Once you are signed in, simply navigate to the part of the forum where you wish to make your post. Click on 'Start new topic' if you want to start a new thread, or click on an existing conversation if you wish to post your image in your reply to the conversation.




9. In the text box, you simply need to paste the link copied from Photobucket (in step 6 above).





10. Your photo will then be copied into your post (as per my demo photo at the top of this thread).



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Sorry to hear that - I'm afraid I've never experimented with the Android equivalent.


If you have any problems uploading a particular photo that you'd like to share please feel free to send me an email or a personal message on the forum and I'll do my best to get it sorted for you.

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