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Badger Fencing


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Just wondering what people's tips/process were for this?


I put up strainers and stakes, trench and then strain, staple and back fill.


Things that cause the most swearing here are putting it up on the inside of bends (I tend to do a load of short runs as not sure if my ideas for running it around the back of the strainer would turn out as they do in my head), and a nice tight straight net getting a sag in the middle despite the back filling being as gentle as possible - kind of like rabbit netting sometimes.


Any tips to make my least favourite fence a bit better greatly appreciated!


Admin Edit: for full details on badger fencing from Tornado Wire- https://www.tornadowire.com/fencing/badger-fencing/

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If its hinge joint you can fold the bottom of the net up as you take it round the back of the strainers then just sip the wire @ the strainer so it will fold down again then just patch it up with an offcut or net.the sagging between posts is a bind but iv not found a  way round this

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Not hinge jointed unfortunately. Cutting a section out of the bottom and running the top around the back was one of the ideas I'd considered but not tried out. Was a bit worried that when strained up tight that the trench being dug out on the inside would be enough pull the strainer in? They're 8ft strainers but the trench is about 2ft. Did think a strut on the inside splitting the angle would solve it, but then usually find a tree/hedge in the way.


I think the sagging between posts is annoying, but it's when part of the net is stuck on a root along the trench and the back fill pulls part but not all a section down that takes the mick! 

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On 12/07/2018 at 21:31, Mooresft said:

Dragging a topic up from the dead, what size posts are people using for this? I was thinking 10ft strainers and 8ft inters? also this sagging, would a 3.5mm HT top line with clips hold it up?

Depends on what size badger nett your using. Tornado do three sizes so once you've chosen that you can pick the post size to suit.

Your spec sounds like it would do the taller netting.

I would clip to a top line wire personally but I've only used 2.5mm as that is what I had.

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