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Wire Re-Winder


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Very good thinking, barb is a pain in the hands, forearms and clothing to rewrap!


I find it mild can snag and break on the ground when gathering.


Just a suggestion, would it be safer attached to a tractor or knocker and better at waist height, you are leaning in to it crouched which would leave you with little escape route and time should anything ping or go adrift.


It is a very good idea and should save hours of handling.

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It is work in progress, it was finished yesterday so trial run was today. 


Thanks for the comments, It was designed to bolt/clamp onto the side of my tracked postdriver or even a trailer or something solid to get it up off the ground.  Also going to have full weldmesh screen/cage over drum to prevent anything bad happening.



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Unfortunately I do it manually,

I've wondered if you took an off cut of rylock then clipped it to together to create a circle, like it is as a full roll,


If you then tied one end of a line, barbed or plain, to the rolled up rylock, and start to roll.up along the lines would that work?

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