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Whats the best way to pull up horse netting?


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We do a lot of horse net and changing over to the torus net from the hinge joint has made the job a lot easier as it stands up on its own with just a few clicks of the strainers, the torus rolls also come with pre stripped ends which makes tieing off a lot easier, must admit I tend to use gripple T-clips on the ends as so much easier than tieing off 12 /13 tails at once, they work well as long as you give them a tweak with the tool once the net is under tension as this pulls them tight around the strainer and it's also best to clip them on on a straight line and not one with the crimp in as they can pop off while you are staring to tension the net.

You will need a set of 4ft clamps apart from that it's same as stock net really ..

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