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ATVs and red diesel

Mr T

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Just before Christmas we were fencing a river near the a38 and had parked hat off the road. It was raining like hell and one of the lads came down to find me as HM customs want to dip the trucks. I said your are joking. But no. I got back to the trucks and they said are you the owner and can we dip them. I said yes but you won't find nothing. Trucks were dipped and nothing found. Now can I get back to work so I can earn some money to pay your wages ? Oh no we want to dip your ATV. I said waste of time coz it's on red as I filled it up this morning. Oh we may have a problem then. I said no in the v5 it's registered as an agricutural machine. Ah we don't classify that as an ag machine we classify that as a light ag machine ! So I said you are telling me every ATV sold that's on red is Illegal. Yes he said. Then listed of the reason it's a light ag machine and it should be on white if it goes in the highway. I asked about diesel quads no that's OK as it has one seat so red diesel is fine. He said if you took the passenger seat out you will be fine (his words) ok I said if I take out the seat and one the lads is standing in the footplate talks off and I kill him then the HSE turn up is at its fine because Mr X from customs told me to do it. He then replied oh umm I didn't say to take the seat out. I said you did and the lads heard you. He said oh well we have to be going now don't take the seat out and we let it pass this time. That's an hour of my life totally wasted. I guess the working man is an easy target.

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Absolute ********, as long as it's doing agricultural work you're fine. 

We had a run in with the police a while back, tried to say it was uninsured and not an ag vehicle. We took them to caught and won because We prove otherwise. Probably just  that someone is bored and fancied a go at trying to push someone over. 


Find this on the website;

Light agricultural vehicles

For a vehicle to qualify as a light agricultural vehicle, it must:

  • have a revenue weight not exceeding 1,000 kilograms
  • be designed and constructed so as to seat only the driver
  • be designed and constructed primarily for use otherwise than on roads
  • be used solely for purposes relating to agriculture, horticulture or forestry

The revenue weight of a vehicle is either the maximum weight of the vehicle or the design weight as defined in section 60A of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act.

Quad bikes and similar single-seater machines used for agricultural, horticultural or forestry work are classed as light agricultural vehicles.

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I recall an occasion that the owner of a local garage, was sitting at home have his tea, when he received a pbone call from the customs regarding a lorry in his yard that has red diesel, was he aware of it,

He answered yes he was and if they could be bothered to check it had no road tax or insurance, the customs guy got very excited at this news , the owner said it was a shunter he used in his yard only it never went on the road,

He then said you they had no right to be going on his land and dipping his vehicles without him knowing, only to be they could do *** they liked.

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