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Stock net, v lines,


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Ok folks was talking to customer about his preference for lines as opposed to rylock,


What are the firs and against.


For rylock, obviously more lines all put up at once with one pull, is the big factor, obviously not so much stapling either,


Also when done correctly makes a tidy fence.


The cons are if it gets damaged, it's more work to repair, and possibly more expensive option, for actual wire,


Lines pros are if one line breaks then the whole fence is not compromised, it's also far easier to replace one line, downside to lines takes longer to put up and just takes one line out to look silly,


What other pros and cons do you think there is?

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Kiwis love lines.


We love net


We are at opposite sides of the world.


The way they do it, they have battens at regular intervals because timber is much more affordable and the climate generally drier.

Net having vertical wires eliminates battens and labour. A couple of lines electrified might be ok for low stocking of docile cattle. I would say more maintainence on lines and higher risk of escapees.

We've taken down a few km of lines and replaced with net, not done vice verse. Down to Clients choice, but I reckon net more versatile for different stock.

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