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Stockade staple guns


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Hi all,

My St 400 packed up today, the firing plate that pushes the staples in kept coming out with no staple and to start with if you pushed it back in and started again it was ok for a while and eventually it pushed back with no resistance and just makes a little piff noise and now does nothing. It says in the book it could be an o ring or the piston? Just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar?


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Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your st400, occasionally moisture can get into the gun and may be causing the plunger to stick.

There are several simple steps that can be followed to see if this is the case:

  1. Ensure the staples are removed from the tool and the airline is disconnected.
  2. Remove the 4 screws on the orange top of the gun and remove the cap to expose the piston and chamber.
  3. There is a white ‘bung’ in the centre of the orange cover. The bung should push in and out freely. If it doesn’t remove it and lubricate it well with Paslode air-tool oil. The bung should now move freely in and out. If it doesn’t the O-rings will need changing.
  4. Whilst the cap is off check the following:

If the gun has a sticky milky coloured residue inside this is down to moisture getting in the tool. To prevent this ensure the compressor is drained on a regular basis. Fitting a water trap to the compressor will also help.

If the inside of the cylinder looks dry or discoloured this is a sign of lack of lubrication. Lubricate with Paslode tool oil before re-assembly.

  1. Clean the inside of the tool, lubricate and re-assemble the tool ensuring the seal between the body of the gun and the cap is located properly.

If this doesn’t sort out the issue we can arrange for the tool to be collected for Service.


Hope this helps!



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