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Had a bad day?


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Well we have all had them, and this is the place to let it out


Mine started this morning on my way to job, a bloody puncture,

So of course raining had to crawl about under motor for spare, then change it,

And just as I was ready to stop for the day, was going through gateway when tractor door opened and hit strainer, of course broke glass, worse thing is it wasn't my tractor, just had shot of it belongs to customer who is brother in law,


So that was my day, I have two types of luck, no luck, and bad luck

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well not so much a day as 2 bad months


did my back begining of Feb and its only just settled down last week, visits to physio once or twice a week all that time.


Praise must go to my lads for keeping the ship sailing all that time with a grumpy Robert getting in the way

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