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Rubber or alloy maul


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New to the forum.Looking for advise for a new maul.always had a rubber maul but are alloy mauls better. Most of the time I use a post knocker on front loader of a tractor so looking for something for hard to get to posts.i have a hand held post driver that fits over the post but lost confidence in it when a neighbour smashed his teeth out using his. Any advise would be appreciated .

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I was always told to hit wood with wood, but only person I've ever seen do it for fencing is strange enough Prince Charles, there was a program on yonks ago about his estate and he was attempting to chap in posts, with a wooden mallet.


My Dads neighbour used to have a wooden hammer (cherry) and boy could he drive them in, I use an ally one but have also used steel ones,

The steel ones are smaller so you get above the post easier

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