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Wire unroller

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Morning, hi I'm new to the site, interesting reading through previous posts, hope I can help in the future!


My problem at the moment is wire (stock/deer). Traditionally we did mainly domestic closeboard etc, but have ended up doing lots of deer fencing on a large local estate, in blocks of 700mtrs, access is good, and we bought a protech tracked machine for the knocking. I'm now looking at and for a wire unroller (quick fencer etc) I think I need to cast my net as wide as possible so I'm looking for


Any recommendations on machines, baring in mind we are using it for about 20% of our work)


New / second hand

Anything you may have forsale.


Although we have 3 fencers, I mainly do this on my own hence machine based.

We have a 1.7 job

Massey 265 (2wd)

Protech rg30

Kanga 620d


We also have a protec p10 (for the kanga and digger) we'd look at selling/swapping.

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Try talking to Alan Froggatt at profencer, hes an easygoing chap and may have a trade in available. The profencer is an excellent bit of kit you wont regret having. As yet my finances dont allow for one. Nor do I do enough net work.

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Hi Haslemere, I have a 4' quick fencer and the deer fence quick clamp to bolt on for it that I bought for a big vineyard job to use on the front linkage of our unimog and presumed we would use it lots more. To be honest most of our jobs are poor access and I use my evo2 to unroll the nett and strain with clamps as we have a lot of internal corners and short runs not worth the time fitting the quick fencer on. If your interested I would sell, been sitting in the yard for 2 years and I haven't used it and said to the wife if i didn't use in next 2 years should sell, so if your interested let me know.

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