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timber prices


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Hi folks just wondering how prices are for you all regarding Strainers, turners and posts,

Up here the prices have gone shooting up, over £15 for a strainer, 12 for turners, 1 st class posts are over 2.50 each, second class 2.13


Are any of you also struggling to source timber, local suppliers inform me it's hand to mouth regarding stock levels,


There is a local sawmill I like to use if possible all his timber is larch and ironically he cannot get timber locally from the Forestry commission, as he usually does, yet the commission has the cheek to complain when he can't supply them with timber

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sound bloody expensive to me, did they ask you to remove your trousers and bend over?


these prices are for wagon load prices

Posts 5'6" 3-4..... £ 1.50

Posts 8'.... 3-4.... £ 2.25

strainers 8' 5"-6" .£ 5.50

Strainers 7' 5"-6" .£5.00

Rails 3.6x88x32....£2.40


delivery £1.25/ mile so about £60.00 to the wagon and drag load, this all tanalith E treated stuff



Creosoted strainers are 27.50 posts are 2.50 ish

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Jesus, Rob I've just regained consciousness you don't fancy sending a wagon up here do you?

All suppliers round here are in the same kind of ball park for prices.

I would expect another spike upwards of prices next year , as there is going to be grants available for planting new forests, due to the lack of timber to come in the  next 20  years,  hopefully this will see an increase in work for 2015,

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