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HLS fencing


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Im sure a lot of people on here have carried out fencing for HLS schemes in the past, as the given spec is not exactly heavy duty I was wondering what spec some of you work to?


I have around 2100 metres to price up very near to home on what is floodplain for part of the year and has lots of twists and turns, I'm thinking 7-8" 2.4 strainers and shallow corner posts and 4-5" 1.8m inters all UC4 with HT80 and 2 lines HT barb. 


Thanks, Laurence 

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we did some riverside fencing on a scheme and it had to be in 3.2m plain wires with a break in the fence every 50m with a 1m gap railed up but not strainer to strainer,it had to have its own post for one end of the rails


if you are using net look at the R8/80/30, it allows water to flow a little better and the R net is so easy to use

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