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Mesh Panel Fencing & Gates


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Do many of you install mesh panel fencing

Just bought 6 gates from a local company, that advertise nationally. Put the first two 6 Lm gates up as a pair and they are twisted, the company sent a man out with 2 boards a pick up truck and a ratchet strap.

He put the boards on the floor against the bottom of the gate, then backed his pickup onto the other end of the boards, he then attached one end of the ratchet strap to the ball hitch on his truck and the other to the top of the gate, he then tightened the ratchet strap twisting the gate, all that happened was he bent the drop bolts cracking the concrete that the drop bolt retainers sat in.

He never said a word until I noticed what had happened, he then offered me £20.00 to repair the concrete and suggested I try the other gates against the twisted gates and try to make a pair.

I have emailed a director of the company, who has not had the decency to reply Well I have experienced the difference and it's not good !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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