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High tensile tie off and snap! Grrr

Isle of Lewis

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In a word Yes Don’t use the brand you mentioned but   get it a lot I do end up terminating fences quite a lot a recent 1000 mtr job including gates 26 terminations not every wire snaps but if its say 3 and 5 that break I find it is usually the same at the other end.

Frustrating it most defiantly is  I usually cut the wire back to behind the strainer and crimp a new piece on from the 2.5 roll of plain wire and tie off as usual all takes time and costs the price of a crimp. 

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That's fair enough, but there's nothing worse than working with rubbish quality wire. Often found that if it was snapping when tied off it also wouldn't pull up properly, with 1 or 2 line wires remaining slack. Only way round these problems if you can't change the wire is to use gripples, and t clips instead of tying off, although that soon gets expensive.

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