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Are you referring to the clipex steel fencing? If so it is very good, ever so easy to erect with minimal tools, ive done a fair bit of it now and has all stayed tight and good. The only thing I would say is that if you need a lot of strainers it gets very expensive at nearly £70 for a two way strainer, McVeigh's say you can use a beefy post for turning up to 30 degrees or so but they don't have enough hold in the ground and don't work very well for this. I have ended up doing longer curves which I wouldn't normally do but has worked quite well. I use my atlas copco hand held hydraulic driver for it and that is ample to knock in the strainers and most of the time a small drivall Is plenty for the inters. The only thing I would say though is use a g-pac 4 over a three on the strainers as I have had the mediums break under the strain as there is a lot of pressure on them due to the way the struts work. Another bonus is You can get 1000 metres worth of posts in an 8x4 trailer an all the tools in the truck and off you go, no need for the tractor and tracked knocker etc. Two of us can manage 300 metres in a day easy and be done by 4.

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