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Deer Fencing. Just installation price.


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As above, I have been asked to quote for around 700m of Deer Fencing.

Just installation, materials onsite and provided by Farmer.

250m of the work is Hand work

450m is machine.


Spec is H Braces, inters at 3m and using two rolls of wire (ht8/80/15 bottom and ht8/80/30 top)


Ive done a bit of deef fencing but a while ago and by the hour, just wondering what you guys would be looking at just for labour?


As a reference I am charging around the £2pm for stock fencing (just installation)


Thanks in advanced

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If it was me I would want between £4.50 and £5.50 lm for the machine work.

Hand would be based on my daily wage with the machine plus a bit for the back ache.

Example 300lm a day with machine  @£4.50=£1,350 so if 100lm day by hand £13.50lm plus a bit for the back ache 

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Yep £9 and rising

But you've got tough ground.



It's taken two of us nearly three full days to knock 160 6x3 post and posts in with a 400kg hammer machine. Pig of a job. 270m fence. Whilst I realise this fence is not relevant to this thread. If we were at £4 a meter its £1080 divide that by four days, which it will be a bit more I think. it's £135 per man day. Gardeners charge £15-20 an hour with a £400 mower. No point operating well over £30,000 of kit.

The OP is on abouts hand work which I do as little as possible of, but I saw the lads at the competition rushing, sweating to get 100m and a gate done at Driffield show this summer in under 4hrs in teams of 2.

I'd charge a good rate and if some else does it for less more fool them.

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