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fencing open day


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just a piece to flag up what i believe is a first in this area of the country an open day to showcase different types of fencing and products available from our host on the board Tornado, amongst others


The event will take place at The Sheil. Muir of Fowlis, Alford on Tuesday 18th October commencing at 11 am. and is being kindly hosted by Allistair Smart who, in the last 12 months has built up a highly resourced and much needed fencing supply business in an area that for so long was sorely lacking in such a thing.


as well as various specs of wire from Tornado, there will also be on show the selection of Creosote timber that i personally have used and was exrtremely impressed by the quality of the product, the lifespan of this timber is nothing short of amazing and offers the opportunity for a contractor to give a near on life tine guarantee for timber lifespan. a wide selection of timber is available and at prices that offer amazing value for money when compared to traditional UC4  treated timber.


also on hand will be a representative from Cheetah  electric fence products, and Irish company that offers quality electric fence units and accessories at prices that cannot be matched by others  for the same quality, i have also used various Cheetah accessories and products and have found the quality surpasses many of the more renowned names in the sector, i know that others on this forum have sampled first hand Cheetah products and agree that the products on offer are of a high standard,


there will also be examples of different specs of fence, erected by some local contractors and i have attached some examples of some of what is on show,


i would urge anyone who has an interest in fencing ( ok some of us maybe have an unhealthy interest) or who just fancies a few hours out before the winter sets in to come along and see what is a unique event in this area, and support Allistair in his staging of what could be an occasion that depending on success could well be repeated elsewhere in future,


anyone going is free to speak to Allistair and others involved and if you know me come and say hello, 


there are two other photos in the gallery i will take pictures myself with the intention of posting on here,


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just a quick review of what was a most enjoyable day in Donside on Tuesday in the first day of its kind in this corner,

i am unsure of the exact numbers who turned out but i believe it was around the 100 mark, consisting of farmers, contractors(one of whom a member of this forum travelled up from Lancashire at 3.30 am to attend ) and other interested parties.

i would like to thank Allistair, and his family and friends who made it all come together for thier efforts, paticularly   impressive considering Allistair and his family suffered an bereavement in the days prior to the event playing host and publicly speaking mustve been difficult for Allistair who came through well and gave us a very detailed and knowledgable  commentary on the different specs and products that were on show.


also the reps from Tornado, Cheetah, and Calders and Gandridge, who all had thier various products on display and i hope they found those attending to be potential new and continuing customers.i would like to thank them on behalf of all attending for thier efforts.


i would also like to thank Allistair for his hospitality the refreshments provided were excellent and helped to make the day a success.


And to the different contractors who showcased thier work at the Shiel.


and thank you to mother nature who often is cruel to us fencers with the weather she offers up, for a dry bright if a bit chilly day.


i forgot my camera, so have no photos of the fence lines i will however contact  Mr Smart and see if he has any he can send me to post up here, failing that next time im over that way i will take photos and post them up here, sorry again.


Allistair stated that the fencing is free to be examined at anytime by those interested and so those who missed out can still go along and look and the work on show.





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