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Tracked Postdriver progress thread..


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So tomorrow morning my kubota RG30 arrives, exciting times!

I am having a local fabricator custom design a post knocker to go on the back...

Before anyone says "just get protech to do it" The guys building the driver know what they're up to, will just be their first driver mounted to a tracked machine!

Ill get some photos up in the next few days, but I was just wondering have you guys got any niggles with your machines or any must haves?


Thanks Sam


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I'm sorry to say this but be prepared for the cost! The trial and error of making your own one takes a lot of time as does fabrication, sourcing the correct pumps, sorting the dual controls, linkages etc etc. I have been there and got the t shirt. Pump choice is critical as you don't want to burn out your hydro's with over heating and also too bigger one will sap all the power from the dumper and make it an utter dog. For about £6k you can have the whole lot from protech with 300kg weight, rockspike, all pumps, linkages and instructions and fit yourself in a day and it will work a treat!

Having said this I will be very interested to see how you get on and hope it goes well!

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Slow if I'm honest. Making the decision as to mounting the knocker. Whether to hang it off the back or mount it around 60cm in above the main chassis.

I'm going for enough slew that it should just about reach outside the right hand track. (Obviously it will be hanging out the left)


The second decision is telemast or just long mast?


What can you guys get under your weight?

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My one has a frame welded on the back of the chassis as it has slew and the mast has its own 2 way pivot at the bottom. Make sure you allow for the side shift in/out when on full slew so it doesn't foul with the post rack.The P22 used to pivot off the old skip pins but no slew and the new design is much better

Telemast is a must and be mindful of total height when its folded down as this can be a limiting factor when towing on a trailer with low trees etc.

I can get 12ft under my weight which is 350kg and you wouldn't want a mast that tall all the time! Mine has the pulley system to raise the weight which is much more compact but less responsive than the arm type which in my opinion is quicker.

There is a lot to think about, are you going to have all the pins bushed etc, adjustable nylon wear pads for side shift/telemast? and even knocking up a decent post cap isn't a 5 minute job........

Another consideration without putting a downer on it is how easily could you get your money back on it if you had to sell quick or upgrade for whatever reason? You could plough a lot of money into it and because it is not a recognised make/easy to get parts for etc people may steer clear also no ce marks etc for hse.

I wouldn't want to have to build my one and it came off the lorry and went straight to work! On the flip side you could make an extremely good machine!

Having said all this again, all the best with it and hope it goes ok!

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So it is pretty much there!

I have a tiny little bit of air in the driver somewhere, i think it is the foot ram and i am struggling to get it out, its coming a little bit at a time but the oil in the tank is getting bubbled up occasionally!


here are a few pictures


In transport mode


Upright with the weight upright





Telemast up, it gets 3.8m under the weight.






Partial slew






Full Slew




Just need to get the stake racks done and shes finished!

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That's quite a project you've got going there. Coming together nicely. Be keen to see the finished job but more so keen to hear how it performs and what teething problems you find. Considering upgrading to tracked machine but can't decide whether to buy or build. It's a thought to put out the money on a new one but I'm wary of taking on a project like that incase my learning curve costs me as much as buying one. Hope your machine performs well and look forward to reading a few progress reports as you get to grips with it

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