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Hi Charlie, call Gary Hooper at postsaver direct, mention we recommended you and that you should get 20% off nett. All trade rates direct from them plus delivery, more boxes the better rate & delivery rate. All next day. Different sizes different prices but 4" rounds around 90p.


Gary - 01452 849322


Takes about a minute per sleeve to apply on your own on rounds, bit more for 5x3 so price accordingly. Best with 2 of you, one sets them up and stacks them, other one burns them on. Buy their better quality silvert blow torch, self lighting and powerful does them quicker, around £180 ish but worth it. We generally offer them at per meter rate option, usually about £1.25/m for post & rail.

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Hi Mike, yes the sleeve is more expensive than dipping. We cannot dip in creosote for the bigger clients we do it for as their specs stated:


"additional protection – a 350mm long thermoplastic heat shrink sleeve lined with meltable bituminous sealant. The sleeve to be heat applied such that the timber surface is sealed by the bituminous sealant and the thermoplastic is shrunk tightly to the postbase details of steel or timber posts"


So we kind of had to go sleeve route for them and offered as an option for everyone else, of which about 1/4 use them, everyone else happy with HC4. Standard spec now for NR as they approved the sleeves so they must have done their research at least.


For us dipping is expensive as it takes a lot of time and space which we don't have and double handling all the timber at the yard days before the job, sleeves are quick and easy to calculate your time spent applying. If we did a lot and I had a cheap labourer I could leave in the yard now and then it's probably be worth dipping I'm sure.

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