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Breaker versus Vibratory Knockers


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Gidday Guys


So I've been looking at some alternative knockers - I was planning to build one like Mark Hibberds, and have gathered up most of the bits, but the more I work with my Digger, the more I think an alternative might work for me.


It seems there are two types, the breaker based ones like Arrowheads and Peacock's, and the the vibratory types like the Klou and Auto-guide.


I know there are some factors only relevant to each user like what else the "base unit" will be used for, and how high each can reach but what no-one (suppliers included) will tell me is "what are the relative efficiencies/effectiveness of each system??


If the different units are sized the same  by flow and pressure (basically how much auxiliary power your Digger produces) will they both drive a similar size post in the same time??


Who could one ask about such things??

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I have very little experience of this. But from what I have found out in that limited experience, vibrating drivers are very good on steel post, but timber posts not so good, the vibration can be absorbed in the wood and it becomes in efficient and doesn't drive in as well as an actual striking weight, I know it doesn't answer a single question of yours, so I apologise. Also bear in mind a vibrating machine will do more harm on your digger. Just like when running a breaker, it shakes through the machine a lot more.

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If they did efficiency ratings they would measure the results in different ways to suit.

I reckon in kiwiland if ground is hard sub ground rock etc. You will be better off driving with thumps not vibration in most situations and you will pre drill holes when it's tough anywhere.

Vibrator driving is for warratahs and such.

Again only an opinion based on what I've seen and experienced.

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