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Grapples for Diggers


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Today found me once again driving some 4.2M poles.  My driving rig handles the actual driving OK but I'm starting to feel that the safety of a really big pole above me is not what it should be either for me or bystanders (who frequently try and help which just adds to the risk) and my back tells me there must be a better way.


I was wondering if anyone runs a grapple on their digger to handle poles??  I've seen lots of thumbs and grabs but they are really in the wrong orientation to pick up a pole and stand it up in its pilot hole.






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I've got a hook on the bottom of my telescoping mast and I swing them up using that (as well as pulling posts) but it still requires quite a bit of judgement to get the post slung "right" and brute strength to "roll" them into position - so its slow.


When you have a houselot of piles to do (often 50 or more) I think having the digger on site and using that would be quicker and less risky.


I think I'll make up a "crosslink headstock" (always the way - understanding the jargon is the key, thanks MikeW) and then find a grapple.

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