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Chestnut posts for deer fencing


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I'm helping with a deer fencing job over in West Wales. The contractor has done plenty of fencing using treated spruce, but never used round chestnut. We'll be using 8' x 3-4" posts and 10' 5-6" strainers on clay ground.


He is used to using a knocker on the spruce. Can this also be used for chestnut or will it split wood? 


I was thinking knocker on posts and auger for strainers. 


Would welcome an experienced viewpoint.





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As said should be fine! If you haven't got the metal plates on your strainers give me a shout and I'll drop some in the post for you.


Where have you got your chestnut from?


Depends on your knocker, if the spikes are straight and small they shouldn't harm the posts, only if they are wedge like will there be an issue

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Like a gang nail plate. Hammer them into the top, they work a treat!

Hi mooresoft, I've got a regular client who always has chestnut posts and some of the gateposts and strainers we installed 2 years ago (drove them all with Protech) have split, some more than others. I've tried to attach a pic below, would your plates help this as they're a great client and I'd like to get the job right for them. If so maybe you wouldn't mind pm me with costs etc.


I was planning to tie a plain strand around the top to pull the ones already gone like this back to shape.



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Would defiantly stop that from happening. As said chestnut does have a tendency to split, even after the event as it dries, all to do with the tree the post has come from, some are more prone than others.


The plates are 75x100 and I knock them into the middle of the post, they work brilliantly, stopping any chance of splitting. Even if I cut a strainer or gp down to size I will put a fresh plate on it Aswel.


Like you said your best bet will be to single strand those and pull them back together


I'm not back home till tomorrow but I'll get some sorted out for you.

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I'm not being pedantic but need to clear up about spruce,


Scots pine , us not spruce,

Neither us larch.


It is Norway, and that "weed" as iu call it sitka that is spruce,


Now having worked for the forestry commission I can tell what kind if timber I'm getting by the remaining bark on it,


And mostly its pine, ( some could be lodge pole pine, if so that is rubbish stuff) but it is mostly Scots pine I get, some rounds I have are sitka or Norway,


If you can get Japanese larch (nit european)if all the conifers this is the best,

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