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bottom hinge offset on field gates


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 ive got a job  hanging some field  gates  and got to  hang them as close to the ground as possible as got to rabbit proof them . so will be adding weldmesh to them and   putting bottom adjustable hinges on them  as normal. will offset the bottom hinge as  some will need to rise  up as  they open  but want to keep the offset to a minimum . my question is does anyone know the formula or calculation to work out  how  much  lift you will  get  to how much offset on the hinge to the length of the gate? know you wont get the full effect of the lift till the gate is opened to 90 degrees

many thanks

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What you need to do is open the gate up to the highest point, then you extend the bottom ride to the required length to make sure it keeps the gate off the ground (taking into consideration the length of your hook to drive out of the post)

Then shut the gate back to the post and where your eye is in comparison to the post is where you put your hook to drive.

It may be that the distance is too much in which case you need to move your top ride over or knock in the top ride more than the bottom which jacks the gate even more but looks odd, also consider driving the gate post so it is leaning with the slope and then when the gate opens back the lean on the post will amplify the lift.

Sometimes doing this is necessary with large gates in sloping gateways.

Hope this makes sense

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Nice one Mike it makes sense to me.


Digga are you putting a kerb of any kind in? Sleepers or telegraph poles. Because rabbits will dig or even squeeze through if they can. I would put both hinge crooks in a vertical plumb line as you will need to mesh over the hinge part or put a flap of rubber or such from top to bottom.

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ones ive done there before i  put a concrete pad between the posts and extending just infront of the gate and put a wooden nailing strip at the very bottom of the gate to fix the bottom of the weld mesh to and fill the gap between the gate and post on the hinge side  .

posts have got to be dug in  due to amount of services around that are not accurately marked  normally do  simular to what what mike said  . was just trying to  find out  if theres was a calculation or formula to work it out to show the customer  the maths as there one of these that  like to see stuff on paper and  diagrams  . im sure  we all get them from time to time ;-)

ps thanks  for the responses guys wealth of knowledge and experience  here which is why i thought i would ask 

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