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Digger post drivers


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Hi all,

I have just bought a wrag post driver for the bobcat e45 digger and have been trying it out today. it runs through a valve block on the knocker through the double acting circuit. When I have the aux flow on low the weight doesn't come down quick enough but on medium (2) it seems fine but the controls are a bit savage. It says in the digger book it has a return to tank valve but I don't seem to have one.

I was just wondering how you ran yours and whether or not you need a free flow return and or will it do any damage to the machine like it is?



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Id prefer a free flow, unnessary friction and heating of the oil and pressurising of components not a good idea although diggers are intended to jackhammer, it's known to be a stressor and wears them out. Shouldn't be too expensive or hard to retro fit a free flow. Don't forgot to oversize the return pipe bore.

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