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chestnut pailing


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I'm after a bit of installation advice if possible  :rolleyes:


Went to look at a job yesterday where the customer wants chestnut pailing installed on the bank of their moat to make it safer for their children, problem is that it needs to look good, i tried to change their mind and get them to have something else but they are insistent on having pailing rolls and in the past i have always struggled to get it to look top notch.


How would the rest of you approach it?? there are 4 runs with the longest at 33m.


thanks  :D

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Never made a top notch job, but had best results by putting up HT strained wire on stakes. Wire spaceing to match the wire spaceing on the chestnut, Hang the chestnut on the wire fence using stainless steel weldmesh clips but leave space next to the posts to allow for staining the chestnut. Keep the palins off the ground so they dont rot so quick, pull the chestnut to the stakes & staple to the posts as you go 



  At least you have a good wire fence to back up the chestnut

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Hi HF,


Another option, but more expensive, is to put two rails between each fence post (in line with the top & bottom wires of your pales) and staple your chespale wires to them. Looks neat and tidy and add rigidity to the fence.

i did suggest to the client that this would be a much better way to do it and to buy the chestnut palings loose but he wouldn't go for it unfortunately 

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We're in chestnut country here! The best way to put it up is buy the best, call Steve Homewood (Homewood fencing in Haslemere), they make it and the pales are good quality.


Next, roll it out and attach it to something solid, tree etc, and pull it even by hand.


Then drag it and flip it up to the stakes,


(The dragging helps pull it out square.)


To tension

I use 2 x ratchet straps one on the top by the wire, 1 by the bottom give it a 6 clicks, then go along the line lifting and dropping it, then another couple of clicks on the ratchets until your happy, with a ratchet on top and bottom you can give the bottom a few more if needed or the top. To get pails straight.

I cant stress enough how important good pailing is, the cheap thin stuff is almost impossible to put up!

Other then you can do is build a post and rail frame and in essence "clad" it with paling

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