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RG30 Tandem Pump


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this is a picture of whats on there at the moment (sorry about the quality)


Basically larger pipe on tops comes straight from the tank and then the pipe directly below goes to the tipper spool, which in turns feeds the tipping ram (or knocker) and then back to the spool and onwards to the block next to the filter. The pipe on the righthand side goes directly into the block next to the filter (I guess this is the charge pump is it? keeping continous pressure on the oil?

Basically how should I be setting up the new pump, its got 4 ports instead of the 3. 2 infeeds and 2 outfeeds from what I can see? 

Should I be using the existing larger pipe from the tank to drive the post knocker? and then have the knocker piped directly back into the tank?

If anyone knows or has a picture or two help would be appreciated.



Also, Oil,  SAE10w-30?


Many Thanks

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I'll be back to my driver as soon as my parts arrive. I'll get pictures of how it's plumbed.  Mine is a Yanmar  machine, but the tipper valve also charges the drive motors on my machine.  The post driver supply would come from the additional pump in the tandem setup.   I plumbed the return hydraulic line directly to the oil reservoir.  Where you have the one big hose coming out of the pump and going back to the reservoir, I built a manifold to accommodate a hose to the second pump.  I'm sure that you know it, but it's important that you don't deadhead the pressure on that pump.  I had a quick coupler break free once, and before I could shut the machine down I'd blown every seal on the pump.

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That's basically what I went for today except for the return pipe, which I had piped into the block before the filter (where the old tipper ram used to return to) however I think I will change it tomorrow to a direct to tank return.


How did you go about bleeding any air from empty Rams?

I'm tempted to put the tractor pipes onto the knocker to fill the Rams and bleed the air before piping to the machine, however this will contaminate the oil.


Did you pre fill your Rams?

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