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Wire unrollers/ tensioners


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Over the festive period if i can grab some time i intend to make a wire unroller to fit on a front loader. Main reason is so i can go onto larger rolls of wire so less joining. 


I have a few questions before i crank the welder up.


What is the external diameter of 250m and 500m rolls of ht8/80/22 ?


What size is the internal diameter. I am thinking of using a 75mm/3inch diameter pipe to slide the wire on, would this be sufficient?


Anyone got any pics of a home made effort?


I have seen the solonet one and quick fencer type and was looking at doing something similar. Out of the two i think the solonet looks the best and would have bought one but spent my budget a cordless staple gun to save the tennis elbows!







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We have a homemade unroller, but it is not a tensioner. We have forks on our loader that the unroller brackets fit onto. Then we line up unroller with roll of wire and stick bar through inside of wire and the holes on the unroller. It works well. But unlike the quick fencer the roll of wire does not stand up and it is hard to get it close to the fence, so the low man on the totem pole has to follow the tractor and pull the wire over next to the fence. Still easier than pushing rolls of wire through the mud. 

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There are pictures of mine in my gallery. I used 4"X1/4" wall round and 1/4" plate. The uprights are 4' tall, but it pays out deer net just fine. I can put it center of the forks and use it in reverse, or hang it to either side and drive forward. It's simple and effective. You still have to strain by hand, but that's why we're fence builders. Haha. We sell the ones I make, but I'd say shipping would hurt!

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I have made a couple over the last couple of years. The first was made as an attachment that bolted on and off the multi rack frame I built on my tracked vector. It did either stock or deer netting. From memory the tornado rolls are about 120mm or more internal dia so 3 inch or 76.1mm pipe will be fine. Both of mine have been made from 4mm wall x 60.3mm ms tube. The external diameter on the big rolls is about 750mm.


The more recent one I have built on euro 8 lugs to go on the forks of the tractor. You can pick up 3 rolls at once and has a folding arm to hold the netting out alongside the fence. All home made and all manual but clamps and strains too but not mega tight unfortunately when it's slippy but saves a massive amount of backache moving and rolling out deer netting and lifting it over the back of turn posts.


I can email photos to anyone interested as I am not sure how to put them on here.

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