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Expectations of a traveling fencer?

West Fork Fence

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I've been contemplating a solution to our labor shortage around here, and at the urging of my trusted adviser, we are considering expanding our search area. I'm curious to know what the expectations would be for a fencer to travel across an ocean to go to work.....

What kind of pay would one expect?  What kind of accomidations would be acceptable?  What kind of schedule would be appropriate?  What should I expect out of a fencer?  What kind of equipment would be expected? 

We are in the midwest, where temps of 0F in the winter are just as common as temps of 100F in the summer.  It is either muddy or hard, and we have every kind of biting bug and snake you can imagine.  It's pretty much paradise, and I thought that would be relevant to the conversation.  I look forward to any thoughts that any of you might have.

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Ist the sort of opportunity that would suit young lads and I am sure if you can maybe get on some farming forums etc, you will find guys. N.z. Fellas are worth trying to,get. I traveled when I was young and was keen to work, offer accommodation and some opportunity to see the area and time of to travel a bit, who can turn that down. It's the sort of thing I would like to do short term, o r would have done before family arrived at least. Not sure the Mrs would be keen on the snakes! Good luck with it.

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