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What do you do with old wire


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Hi fellow fencers


I have just finished removing 140 meters of stock netting and barbed wire a very bodged fence with old wire and then some more wire added for good measure, I now have a pile of folded stock netting and rolled barbed wire. Do you guys use skips or will the scap merchant take it I have had no luck with our local scap man as it is wire, 



Blann Fencing

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I've never had issue leaving it on farm scrap piles or taking it in myself. I've seen steel shavings and all sorts accepted at scrap merchants.


Word of caution. Legally you need to register a waste carriers permit. You can get the lower tier one from E.A or pay about £150 for 3 years.




Scrap yards never ask me for one though.

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Leave on farm where possible,  but if have to clear from the site we make a small charge for hassle of clearing 

and itemise on the bill.


Then leave a pile to accumulate and take into local scrap merchant, not as good these days no cash

all has to go through books. any good stuff use for patching work  


At least this way were not out of pocket for removing waste.

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