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Planning for brexit


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Just curious to know people's thoughts on how brexit, more specifically the likelihood of losing farm subsidies, may affect them.


Personally I've heard enough to be very wary of making any major investment in kit for stock fencing, instead I'm starting to build the domestic side up a bit.

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Doom and gloom?


I have little confidence in any politics, the reality is farming is a way of life particularly to livestock husbandry farmers, they will keep going until they are bankrupt trying many of them. Also the brexit situation will perhaps make importing expensive. Who knows what will happen, if it does dip in to a financial mess for farmers, unless everyone goes veggie, it's got to come back.


Blue ear.

Foot and mouth.

Etc never stopped them, if anything in the long run it improved certain aspects, not all admittedly as bloodlines were lost and some never farmed again.

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I'm not trying to be all doom and gloom, in fact I'm a farmers son who is quite looking forward to the loss of subsidy as I'm hoping it would put me on a level playing field to farm. So in that respect I see lots of potential opportunity. The worry is that when money gets tight, farmers will be back to filling up hedges with old gates or pallets, fences will be seen as a lavish expense. On the other hand whatever environmental grant schemes come in could be hugely beneficial.


I'm just curious to know wether others are thinking the same thing and wether it's affecting decisions to invest in your business.

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